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Luxury Beauty Booking

MY BIO MONDE, specialized in luxurious beauty on board and in home service, organizes all your requests in record time (massage, facial care, nails, hair, sports coaching, yoga, meditation) for a simple appointment, privatization, an event, a shoot or a wedding. MY BIO MONDE will quickly find the Master(s) professional most suited to your needs. ​ MY BIO MONDE is today THE recognized reference in terms of luxury beauty and well-being services on the French Riviera. Many worldwide agencies and palaces rely on MY BIO MONDE to meet their ever more demanding demands.


In conclusion MY BIO MONDE is:

>availability insurance

>a REACTIF global luxurious service, from Monaco to Saint Tropez.

>a carefully selected and trained MASTER team for each specialty.

>values: such as discretion, listening and humanity.​​